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April 26, 2005 — Commerce Capital Group Completes the Sale of The Alaris Group to Parsons
The Alaris Group, LLC, a leading independent provider of outsourced wireless network development services in the western United States, announced today that it has been acquired by Parsons Corporation. Commerce Capital Group served as the exclusive financial advisor to Alaris.
Source: Commerce Capital Group

April 25, 2005 — Municipal Broadband Networks Gain Ground
The dismal U.S. position in global broadband deployment is helping fuel support for municipal broadband networks even though incumbent carriers warn of their dangers.
Source: Telephony Online

April 15, 2005 — Wireless Capex Budgets Rising
Capex spending worldwide increased by 18% in 2004 compared with 2003 levels after several years of declines, according to UBS. The same was true in North America, where capital expenditures increased 7%during the same period. More importantly, most industry observers predict that carrier spending will continue to increase over the next several years due to the improving economy and telecommunications marketplace, as well as the beginnings of the 3G evolution.
Source: RCR Wireless

April 7, 2005 — Parsons Acquires RCI Construction Group
Parsons announced that it has acquired RCI Construction Group (RCI). RCI is a Sumner, Washington-based firm with over $300 million in contracts that specializes in transportation, infrastructure, civil and industrial construction, environmental site remediation, and residential and commercial development projects.
Source: Parsons

April 1, 2005 — Strong Outlook for Telecom Network Spending
The outlook for spending on network equipment is expected to turn around in 2005 according to Telecommunications Industry Association's (TIA) 2005 market review. TIA expects developments in place to sustain double-digit annual growth in fiber deployment through 2008.
Source: Outside Plant Solutions (OSP)

April 1, 2005 — Broadband Over Power Line Technology Development
A February report on broadband over power line technology indicates 20 nationwide trial commercial deployments in 2004 have paved the way for BPL mainstream acceptance. These trials have led to better equipment and more interest.
Source: Electrical Contractor

March 26, 2005 — U.S. Civil Engineers Harsh In Rating Infrastructure Conditions
Four years after their last "report card" on the condition of the nation's most critical infrastructure, U.S. civil engineers say, not surprisingly, that the situation is generally getting worse. In a new report released March 9, the American Society of Civil Engineers dropped its overall grade for U.S. infrastructure to "D" from "D+" in 20001.
Source: Engineering News Record (ENR)

March 7, 2005 — Fiber Optic Networks Becoming Dominant
The fiber newtworks are in the works of becoming some of the most dominating networks in the world. An explosive drive is underway to bring the long awaited fiber connections to millions of businesses and homes.
Source: Engineering News Record (ENR)

March 3, 2005 — Zachry Group Acquires Utility Engineering Corp. from Xcel Energy Inc.
Zachry Group has acquired Utility Engineering Corp., Denver, a subsidiary of Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy Inc. Zachry now will be able to offer a full range of services for the design and construction of power plants, say company officials.
Source: Zachry

March 1, 2005 — Golder Associates Acquires PIC Technologies
Golder Associates Inc. has acquired PIC Technologies, a Colorado and Wyoming based firm specializing in environmental permitting for natural gas pipelines expanding its capabilities in the interstate pipeline permitting market.
Source: Pipeline and Gas Journal

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